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Want remote control of your system? Looking for separate user access codes? Video surveillance? The Phone Experts can tailor a security system to suit your needs and budget..

What Customers Have To Say

The Thompson’s

The installation was completed in a very thorough manner and your technician took great care to ensure that our system was properly functional. Great work Ward!


Christina L

Expert Security Solutions helped upgrade our older system with ease and very little down time. The sales rep was very informative and came to our house to give us an idea of what we would need and if the upgrades we wanted would work in our home (like the doorbell camera). Within a day of approval we received a phone call to book a time for installation. The installers were great! So quick to get things in place, they cleaned up after themselves and were really friendly. It was a great experience and I would recommend Expert Security Solutions to anyone.


Sheila M

We had our alarm installed last year. The technicians are professional and they took their time explaining how my alarm worked. Our alarm was personalized for our home and family and I love that I can monitor my home from my phone. I can see if the alarm is armed, when the doors are opened and closed and the temperature of my home.


Amanda T

Fast, reliable service! I had a trouble on my keypad over the weekend so I called into their office & a representative called me back right away! They were able to help me clear the problem over the phone without having to pay for him to come to my house.

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Experts You Can Count On

Working for You 24/7

What time did my teenager get home? Did I forget to close the garage door when I left today?

Unlike Traditional System that only alert you in an alarm event, expert security Solutions let you know what happening at you properly at any’s easy to set your own alerts and reminders to be noticed of any activity you care about, whether your system armed or not.

Energy Management connects your thermostats and lighting to your security system for a smarter, more responsive set of orations for saying energy. Manage your tights and temperature settings we automated schedules. Create easy rules to have an added layer of smart an based on system activity.

Dedicated Connection

Keeping your family and home secure is our first lob. Unlike other systems that rely on your cable or phone connection, systems have dedicated cellular connection. Our dedicated cellular connection means you can count on reliable, uninterrupted protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a reduction on my insurance premium?

Contact our office at 1-403-343-1122 & we will provide you with a certificate of installation stating you have a security system install at your premise. This document can then be forwarded onto your insurance company & quite often they will provide you a reduction on insurance premiums.

How can I ensure that all devices on my security system are working properly?

We suggest testing the security system on a monthly basis. Please see below on instructions to test your system:
1. Call the monitoring station at 1.855.488.3777;
2. Ask for your account to be placed out of service for the amount of time you expect it would take. The operator may ask for your account number and verbal password, have this available;
3. Arm your system in away mode;
4. Exit the premises as usual;
5. Once the exit delay is complete (generally 3 minutes should be sufficient) then begin to trigger each device;
6. Once complete, disarm the system;
7. Call the monitoring station at 1.855.488.3777 to confirm they received the signals

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