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5 Ways A Smart Security System Can Help Make Your Life Easier This Holiday Season

We all are familiar with the hustle and bustle this time of year brings and Expert Security solutions wants to help. We have compiled a list to highlight some of the ways a smart security system can ease a bit of stress and make life less hectic this holiday season. The following are our Top 5 ways an Expert Security Solutions smart security system can help make your life easier this holiday season:

Number One – Smart Lighting:

Who would think that something as simple as turning on or off a light would be at the top of our list of things that can help you out this holiday season, it’s just a light…right? Well it used to be just a light, but with smart lighting control it turns a simple light switch into so much more! Lighting control can help deter would be thieves, save you money and make your home feel welcoming all at the same time. Scheduling lighting is a huge part of the appeal of lighting control and the ability for the scheduling to adapt to things such as sunrise, sunset or if your security system is armed adds to that appeal. We believe in the merits of lighting control so much that we think it deserves its own top 5.

So here is a top 5 within a top 5…

1.Schedule your holiday lights! Never miss a second of the holiday cheer that comes with a home twinkling with holiday lights. Set a schedule for the lights to come on at sunset and off at whatever time you wish and let the lighting control worry about if it is getting darker earlier.
2. Set up your interior light schedules with preset dimmed levels! Sometimes a full blast light in your face does not help holiday cheer in the morning. Set up your lights in your hallways, kitchen or bathroom to turn on to a specific dimmed level in the morning to help you light your way to where you need to be and lose that reindeer in the headlights feeling this holiday season.
3. Light your way home! Set up your lights to welcome you home when it is dark outside. Enhance those holiday lights and save a little money by keeping your houses exterior lights off this season, the system can tell if you are headed home and automatically turn on your exterior lights for you. Always have a lit house welcoming you back home this holiday season but save a little money while you’re at it.
4. Entry lighting! Entering a dark house with your hands full and snow on your boots, can be anywhere from a bit of an inconvenience to downright dangerous. Again, lighting control is the answer. When it is dark outside and the system sees your front door open have your entryway lighting turn on automatically, one less thing you have to worry about!
5. Set up a holiday schedule for all your lights! Are you headed out of town this holiday season? A dead giveaway that you are away is a dark house, with lighting control your house doesn’t need to sit in darkness while you are gone! Set up randomized schedules for all the lights in your home and help your house look lived in even while you are away. Easily activate schedules at any time with a quick toggle on the app and give the impression that you are home even when you aren’t.

Number Two – Thermostat control:

During this time of year, it is certainly nice to come home to a warm cozy house. A smart thermostat that knows when you are home or even on your way home can make sure your house is always warm and cozy when you arrive, it can also save you some money by dropping the temperature a few degrees when you are away. Another excellent feature is the ability to adjust the thermostat from anywhere using the app, whether it be from the couch or another country!

Number Three – Arming reminders:

We all know that with the holidays comes a list of to dos and it seems like there’s always more on that list than there is time in the day. With all the commotion and running around, it is easy to leave the house without thinking of arming the security system. An arming reminder is a very helpful way to make sure your house is safe this season and can take one thing off of that to do list.
Set up a location-based reminder that will let you know when you unintentionally leave your house unarmed and easily arm the system from the app.

Number Four – Doorbell camera:

Online shopping is on the rise and surely the number of packages that are arriving on your doorstep is increasing. With a doorbell camera you will be notified the minute your precious cargo arrives on your doorstep. Not at home? Start a two-way conversation with the delivery driver and have them place the parcel in a safe location or send a neighbour over to grab it for you. Video doorbells are great for keeping those online purchases safe and sound or for notifying you that friends and family have arrived for a holiday get together.

Number Five – Interior cameras:

Santa is one smart guy and has eluded detection for years. An interior camera that can see 180 degrees from wall to wall, is a sure fire way to figure out just how the big guy manages to squeeze those presents and himself down the chimney, or if you prefer to leave Santa to his work and keep the mystery of the season, you can always use an interior camera to peek in on pets while you are out. Are the pets having a holiday party of their own while you are away? talk through the onboard speaker to let them know that you are keeping an eye on them and to kindly remind them that the Christmas tree is not for climbing.
Thank you for reading our Top 5 ways an Expert Security Solutions smart security system can help make your life easier this holiday season. We hope you can use some of these tips and solutions in your own home and that you have a wonderful holiday filled with the laughter of friends and the warmth of family.
From all of us at Expert Security Solutions, happy holidays and we hope you have a very merry New Year!

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