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Speed up your Polycom BYOD device provisioning.

I have a problem, I’m lazy when it comes to provisioning BYOD Polycom Phones in Telus Business Connect.  When performing a 10+ seat instal, the time spent entering provisioning server information can be upwards of 5 min per phone.  I know that doesn’t sound like much, but if you are doing a 50 seat install, that’s 4 hours of keypad typing.

Here’s a way you can save yourself time by not having to enter the provisioning server information into every phone.  My test phone is a Polycom VVX-410 but the process is similar for the entire VVX line.

Start Here:

Take one NON provisioned phone, of which the MAC address has NOT been added to the Voice Manager portal.
Power the phone on and connect it to the same network as your PC.
Enter the provisioning details for the phone as provided by Telus.

REMEMBER: this phones MAC has not been added to the portal yet, did I mention that yet??
Once you have the provisioning information entered into the phone, reboot it and let it power cycle.  It might download firmware it might not.  When the boot is done the screen should read VVX-4xx or VVX-3xx depending on the model.

Next go into SETTINGS/STATUS/NETWORK/TCP/IP and write down the IP address of the phone.
From your PC, open your internet browser and browse to the ip address via secure http.
Example:   My test phone has the ip address so I open IE 11 and type in

The Polycom default administrator password is 456
Find the Utilities tab and from the drop down choose “Phone backup & restore”
Click the PHONE BACKUP button and save the file to a location on your pc.
This backup will now contain the Boot Server Type, the Server Type and the Server Address.
You can now connect the rest of your phones to the network, get the IP address of them, log into the web portal and do a RESTORE of this backup you just created.  The phone now reboots and is ready to be assigned to a user in Voice Manager.

Final step is to log into the VoiceManager Portal, Add a new Device, assign it to the user, choose the Polycom model and enter the MAC Address and save.
Reboot the phone that you’ve performed the restore on and it will now boot and connect to the user..
It sounds like a lot of work up front, but if you are performing an install of 10+ phones you can save a lot of time.

BONUS: the backup you’ve created can be used on future phones, no need to capture the backup again, unless it’s a different phone model.
I hope this helps save you some time.

David Hetherington
Technical Team Manager – IT Solutions Powered by PHONE EXPERTS