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Business Security Management


There are many businesses, large and small, busy planning their business continuity processes, unsure of whether they are closing their doors for the short-term or possibly longer.

Security planning for short-term closure

STANLEY Security want to empower the protectors of those businesses, to enable them to continue safeguarding their premises remotely, with absolute confidence that at least their assets are safe.

Remote Security Management service gives you a cost-effective way of managing your business security remotely through a monitoring video (CCTV system) should an intruder alarm be activated.

Our monitoring alarm operators will handle your alarms and evaluate the situation and confirm if an intrusion attempt has taken place, reducing the occurrence of false alarms which leads to faster Police response.

Can remote security replace manned guards?

Remote security monitoring offers many of the same advantages at a fraction of the cost and provides the same visual deterrent that a security guard does.

When it comes to functionality, remote monitoring has some serious advantages over security guard services.

With the onset of sophisticated CCTV technology, it can see multiple locations, considerable distances and in the dark.  Even identify a person and activate an alert and transfers LIVE footage to our monitoring professionals to respond quickly to any suspicious activity.


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    Package 1: Remote
    video verification

    Package 2: Remote
    camera activation

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