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Expert Security Solutions Smart Light Control.

Expert Security Solutions lighting control is so much more than just an easy way to schedule the lights in your home. In this blog we will take a look at a couple different lighting control options that we offer and see how they can make your everyday life easier and also save you money in the process!
First let’s take a look at the in-wall smart switch. In-wall switches replace existing light switches in your home with no additional wring or fuss. The in-wall switches feature a sleek profile that looks like a normal decora light switch. The smart switches come in two different options: a dimmer switch and a regular on off toggle switch.

By installing an in-wall smart switch, you transform your home’s existing lighting into smart lighting that you can control from anywhere. Whether you are at home on your couch settling in to watch your favorite movie, or away getting some R&R on vacation.
Some great options for smart switches are porch and outdoor house lights (never come home to a dark house again), entry area lights (have lights come on automatically for you when you open your front door) or even an easy way to control your outdoor holiday lighting!
The in-wall switch is a great option to convert your existing home lighting into smart lighting.
But what about lamps and other lighting that aren’t controlled by a switch? The lamp module is the smart solution for any plug in style lighting and also comes in a dimmer or on off toggle option. The lamp module plugs directly into any wall outlet and can be moved around easily from plug to plug.

The lamp module is a great option for people looking for an easy way to program a smart schedule for a lamp or lamps that give your home that “lived in” look while you are away. It can be easily set up and adjusted from the app so you can do away with pesky hard to program traditional lamp timers. The no off toggle lamp module can also be used to remotely turn on and off appliances such as a slow cooker or the power to a garage overhead door opener for added security while you are away.
Once you have smart lighting in your home there are some awesome features you can use to make the most of it!
Set up a Geo-Fence around your home that will automatically turn on your lights for you when you get close to your house and never come home to a dark house again ! Use that same Geo-Fence to turn off any lights you may have forgotten about when you are heading out for the day. ( Hint: you can also use a Geo-Fence to notify you if you have forgotten to arm your security system!)

Set schedules for lights inside or on the exterior of your home and select the “make times approximate” option to have the schedule time vary by up to 45 min each day to truly give your home the appearance that someone is home, even when you’re not.
Dim lights to certain levels at specific times, have lights dim in the evening to set the mood of your home and save power at the same time.
Have lights come on automatically at a low level in the morning to light your morning routine.
Integrate alarm functions into your lighting; have all lights come on full blast when the alarm is set off and have lights turn on or off when alarm system is armed or disarmed.
Smart lighting control is an exciting addition to your Expert Security Solutions alarm system and something that offers both added security and convenience to your everyday life. We offer lighting control options to suit a wide variety of needs.
Get in touch and see how we can make your home safer, your life a bit easier and save you money with Expert Security Solutions smart lighting control!

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