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Outside Camera Maintenance!

In todays blog we will focus on an often-overlooked detail when it comes to camera systems and ongoing routine maintenance that you can do to help keep your camera system providing you with reliable top quality video. 

Here is a simple tip that you can work into your routine that will help ensure you are getting the most out of your video surveillance system.

The tip is an easy one but is often overlooked and one of the most important maintenance steps to ensure you are getting the best image quality out of your surveillance system. 

Cleaning the camera housing

There are many different styles of cameras, but they all have one thing in common, the camera housing. some are domes, some are box style enclosures, some are indoors, some our outdoors,  but camera housings all serve the same purpose, to protect the camera and keep dust, dirt and anything that would harm the camera out and away from the electronics within. Being exposed to the elements day in and day out will inevitably result in the enclosure becoming dirty, even a small amount of dust or water spotting on the enclosure can cause a massive loss in image quality. The effect is amplified at night if the camera has infrared lighting, the small fragments of dirt and dust on the outer housing can reflect light back into the cameras lens which can cause blurred fuzzy or spotty images. Think of wearing a nice clean pair of glasses now take those glasses and spray water, dirt and dust on them, odds are you aren’t going to be able to see much through those dirty lenses, glasses wearers will know just how distracting a dirty lens can be and how even the smallest particles on the lens can reduce the quality of vision. below is a comparison between a camera with just a small amount of dirt that has settled on the left side and the same camera after cleaning, you can see there is quite a difference in the quality of image. 

Making a routine of simply spraying the camera housing with some household window cleaner or soapy water and wiping the housing dry with a micro fiber cloth will insure that you are getting the best possible image out of your cameras, even if you think the image looks good a quick clean of the housing can be a preventative step to be sure you are getting the best recorded images when you need them.

Adding the simple task of cleaning your camera enclosures to your routine will go a long way to ensuring your camera system is giving you the absolute best recording possible, it may seem like a small detail but keeping your cameras clean and free of buildup is one of the most important maintenance steps for camera system owners. 

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