Professional vs DIY Security Systems

Business Security

Self-installed alarm systems might seem tempting due to perceived savings, but what’s the real cost of a DIY alarm system? Let’s explore the difference between alarm systems installed by professionals and DIY.


The hidden costs of DIY systems

Complexity and time: At first, a DIY system might seem cost-effective until you realize the time and effort required for research, proper installation, and maintenance. Which is diverting valuable resources away from your core business operations. A false alarm happens late at night? You’re now spending even more time going to site, then you have to investigate why that happened. Something that might take you days to resolve could take a professional only a few minutes to resolve.

Insurance and compliance considerations: With a professional alarm system installed by experts, it’s common for insurance premiums to decrease. However, many insurance companies will not grant the same benefits to DIY systems. When it come to compliance, your industry may have regulations that only a professional system can meet.

Limited technology and lesser quality: They lack advanced technological features of professional-grade systems. This can mean your business has less sophisticated sensors, low-quality cameras, and simpler system capabilities that are not reliable.

Integration challenges: They face compatibility issues that ultimately limit their scalability.

Risk of errors: Without professional installation and maintenance, there’s a higher risk of vulnerabilities in your security. Ultimately resulting in costly breaches.

Maintenance challenges: DIY systems take up your time handling maintenance and troubleshooting. This is especially complex when the issue occurs, and you’re unable to rectify it in a timely manner – leaving your business open to unwanted intruders.


The value of professionals

Robust and reliable: Quality is at the forefront of professional alarm systems, with reliable products using the latest technology that offer long-term protection for your business.

Lower insurance premiums: With a professionally installed system, you reduce your insurance premiums because you have lowered your risk exposure and potential for losses.

Customizable: Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of DIY systems, professionals tailor an alarm system to your business’s industries, needs, behaviors, layout, and more. Ensuring comprehensive coverage with no gaps.

Expert Installation: Efficient installation by industry experts who then walk you and your employees through how to use your system.

Scalable: Designed to integrate existing or future infrastructure, offering a cohesive security solution. Like connecting your alarm system to work in tandem with your door control system.

Ongoing support: There are assurances of ongoing support to keep it in proper condition. Many times, a professional alarm system is installed by a company that offers 24/7 emergency support, like us, so that you always have an expert available.


Impact on your business

Opting for a DIY system might initially seem like a cost-saving measure. But the costs to your building, employees, and quality compromises make this a high-risk option. The perceived savings quickly dissipate in the face of an intruder, system failures, declined insurance savings, additional time spent maintaining the system, and unreliable equipment.


Professional alarm system options

Whether securing a single entry or entire apartment building, you have control over the level of protection and cost with a professional security solution. Beyond safeguarding access points and different types of threats, these systems are connected to a monitoring center or, if preferred, set up for self-monitoring. This flexibility allows you to choose the levels of oversight that best suits the security needs of your Alberta business.


When it comes to protecting your business, you should never compromise quality and reliability. The choice for comprehensive protection is clear. A security system installed by professionals is superior to your bottom line and will keep your building, assets, and people protected against threats now and into the future.