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Water Smarter This Summer With Expert Security Solutions And

It’s finally here! Summer has come and you want to get out in that sun and soak it up! On summer days like this, the last thing on anyone’s mind is watering the lawn. We all want a nice green healthy lawn and we all know that a healthy lawn needs water. In the past, this meant the yearly routine of dusting off the irrigation controller you have forgotten about all winter and trying to remember how you managed to program a watering schedule last year. On some controllers this is no easy task. Not to mention the constant adjustment for the rain and hot/dry spells you will have to make all summer long.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could program, start, stop, and adjust your irrigation wherever and whenever you wanted?
Let Expert Security Solutions help you take the hassle out of watering your lawn this summer with irrigation control right from your app!

Set up watering schedules anytime, anywhere right on your phone. Run or stop your irrigation directly from the app! Whether you are at home or out and about, get notifications when watering starts and when it is completed. The Wi-Fi connected Rachio irrigation controller integrates with to bring you control of watering your yard from your app!
The smart Rachio controller watches the weather for you. If rain is predicted in your area, it will automatically skip a watering cycle and will keep you in the loop with a notification that the watering has been skipped. Now you can relax and never worry if your lawn is getting too little or too much water. Saving you time and money!
Watering the lawn shouldn’t be a chore. Let Expert Security Solutions help you free up some extra time out there in the sun this summer and leave worrying about watering the lawn in the past.

Irrigation control is just one of the cool and innovative things that Expert Security Solutions has to offer. Check out our other home automation and security products to see how we can save you time, energy and give you peace of mind. From watering your lawn to protecting your home, Expert Security Solutions is a local security company that cares about protecting what you value most!

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