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In today’s blog we will be highlighting a new and exciting product that could keep you connected to what is going on in your house and also give you peace of mind with some unique and interesting features!

Introducing the 180° interior camera, this is a new step in bringing security to people in a stylish and feature rich package. Security doesn’t always need to look intimidating or be hidden away in a corner.  With this new camera from you get a high definition wide 180° angle Wi-Fi camera that can fit into any decor and be placed just about anywhere within the home to bring you live and recorded video as well as a few other cool features!

Sure, live video is great, especially when it is in 1080p HD, but wouldn’t it be great if you could hear what is going on as well as see; well now you can! The 180° camera will stream live video and audio right to your phone or tablet.  Now you can actually hear what is going on in the house! Hearing and seeing is great, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could have a 2-way conversation through the camera? Well, again, you can! While you are viewing the live audio and video, you are able to talk at any time by tapping the talk button on the app. You can have a 2 way audio conversation through the camera, ask your pet to get off the couch, let your kids know that supper is in the fridge, or tell a burglar to get out of your house! There are plenty of situations that eyes, ears and a voice inside your home can come in handy!

Just like any other camera you are also able to set up motion detection notifications to have the camera send you a push notification when it senses motion.  This can be set up with zones that will trigger the notification and can also be set up with schedules or geofences so you don’t get notifications from the camera while you are at home.

There is another feature that I love with this camera and that is the ability for anyone in the home to initiate a video call to the app. Simply by pressing the call button on the top of the camera a notification is sent to the recipients, you set up on, saying that a live video call request has been activated.  Tap the notification to start a live audio and video stream from the camera instantly.

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With little ones at home, this hit me as an awesome feature, if there was ever an emergency at home and the caregiver could not get to the phone, it is comforting to know that with just a push of one button, both mom and dad can be notified and start a live feed to see what is going on.  You would be able to talk through the camera to give instructions to the little one on what to do. This could be an excellent feature for anyone who cannot use a phone!

And if all that wasn’t enough, the camera also has a Bluetooth speaker built in, so you can play your favorite tunes right on the camera.

This is a great new product from and in my opinion it is the direction home security is heading in the future. With having so many great security features packed into a small friendly looking and stylish package, the 180° camera is an absolute win in my books!

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