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Best Practices for managing for your Businesses Security Access Codes

With the amount of staff changes over the past few weeks, businesses have had to manage their employees’ access to buildings.

Make sure that your business is following these
simple best practices:

    1. Review active user codes to ensure they are kept up to date.  This should be completed on a regular basis to ensure access is not still being given someone that no longer requires it.
    2. Assign unique user codes to each user – This will ensure ease of employee changes when a user’s code needs to be changed or removed.  Individual user codes also allow management to review who has accessed the secured area along with the duration of time that user spent onsite.
    3. Ensure employees keep passcodes private – When employees share user codes it makes it difficult determine who has accessed the building or specific area.  As well, if this code remains active after an employee has left because other employees are using it a past employee may still be able to gain access to the building.
    4. Restrict access to specific areas – Each user code can be programmed with specific access levels to only be able to access the areas they need.  For example: a mechanic only requires access to the shop area & does not need access to the main office area. His user code can be programmed to only disarm the security devices in the shop area leaving the office area completely secured.
    5. Deal with a reputable security company – One the best ways to ensure that you are protected is to deal with a security company that has clear procedures in place to ensure passcode management.


We can connect to most of our commercial security customer systems remotely and can update user codes quickly. If you have users that are sharing codes or are unsure of what user codes are active in your security system contact us today to discuss!


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