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Video Analytics

In the past camera systems were pretty simple, a camera and a basic video recorder was about as high tech as it got common systems had VCRs that needed tapes rewound frequently, very low video quality and a severe lack of video detail. The surveillance systems of the time were an “after the fact” type of solution, having to rewind through days of footage to find an event was tedious and frustrating.

Over the course of my career in the security industry I have seen massive change in video surveillance systems, the way we use them and how they integrate into our daily lives. Camera systems have evolved over the years, first allowing for remote viewing over the internet, then the introduction of high quality IP based cameras and recorders that provide clear, high quality video, and now we are moving into the age of  smart cameras with video analytics.

Video analytics is software that is built into the camera that monitors the live video stream 24 hours a day, While monitoring video the software identifies attributes, events or patterns of specific behavior by analysis of the monitored environment, users can set up alerts and notifications to be generated when the analytics of the camera recognize events that take place within the monitored environment. The days of “after the fact” surveillance are coming to a close and with todays new era of smart cameras that are now able to recognize and detect specific objects like people, pets or vehicles and live notifications can be sent to your smart device so you are aware of what is going on as it happens.

With the new breed of cameras we are able to offer our clients the ability to set up their smart cameras to not only record high quality video but to also act as a notification device to let them know when there is something that needs their attention. Perhaps you would like to know when a vehicle pulls into the driveway or a person walks up the front steps, maybe if anyone loiters in a specific zone on your property or even if a pet jumps up on the sofa or enters an off-limits flowerbed, the camera can be your watchful eye on the things that matter to you 24/7!

Expert Security Solutions, have a wide variety of top quality surveillance solutions to fit any client’s needs, from something as simple as keeping an eye on pets while you are out, to large scale commercial site surveillance systems we pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with a surveillance solution that fits their individual needs.

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