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Keep Your Business Secure With Interactive Business Security Solutions!

Business Security for 2019

In today’s blog we are taking a look at a few benefits of Interactive business security and how it can keep you informed about your property and help you to keep it safe and secure.
So let’s take a look at some top features of interactive business security!

Take your keypad anywhere:
With interactive security, the days of having to arm and disarm the business security system from a keypad installed inside the house are over. There is a major convenience that comes with being able to arm and disarm the security system remotely from the app and in everyday life this proves to be almost invaluable, saving time and hassle. Arming the system from the app as you leave the house allows you to be sure the system is fully secured before you start the arming process, in the past the system would have had to be programmed with long arming delays to allow you to arm from the keypad, gather your things and try to make it out of the house before the system fully arms. With interactive security the need for those delays is greatly reduced as the business security system can be armed after you have left the house. The same goes for disarming, traditional systems would need to be programmed with delays that allowed you the time to get to a keypad within the house to disarm, with the app you can disarm as you are pulling into the driveway before you even open a door to your home. There is also added convenience while you are in your home, arming the system in stay mode while you are brushing your teeth or disarming in the middle of the night as you are walking down stairs to let the dog out is a quick and easy process all done from the app.

Stay in the know:
With live system notifications you will be kept in the know about what is happening with your business security system and your home. I think we have all done it, in a rush to leave, running out the door because you are late, then as you sit at a red light half way to where your going something in the back of your mind asks, “did I shut the back door?” too late to turn around and go back, but its ok because you have interactive security, you know that these things can happen so you have set up a notification if any of the doors or windows in your house are left open, now you can silence that little voice because you’ve got it covered! Another feature that is great for anyone that has the tendency to rush out of the house is location based arming reminders can alert you that you have forgotten to arm the system when you get a certain distance from your home and with a quick arm command from the app you can be sure that your home is secure even when you are in a rush!

Everything you want to do, all in one app:
With the app you have the gateway to control not only the security system in your home, but you can also control a wide variety of other devices that can make your life easier right from the app. Security cameras, video doorbell, wireless door locks, garage overhead door control, lighting control, home audio, thermostat control and even control for your lawns irrigation system can all be controlled from the single app making the things you need to use all easily accessible under one app, no more searching for the right app with the app you have everything you need all in one!
Thanks for taking the time to read this weeks Blog on some of the useful features of the app at Expert Security Solutions we can professionally install any of the items mentioned in this blog, if you are interested in learning more or would like a quote on our home or business security systems please feel free to give us a call or an email and we would be happy to help.

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